Aged Care Commission’s Case Studies are wrong

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I found three case studies on the Aged Care Commission’s website in January 2021. I was shocked to see how the Commission had been dealing with complaints of false imprisonment and gross violations of the rights to receive visitors for care, support and comfort. These complaints have been occurring nationally since Covid began in January 2020.

I reviewed these 3 case studies and made some comments in green about the aspects that are particularly troubling. In my view the Commission condones false imprisonment and breaches of human rights such as the right to be with those we love, and the right to receive care and support from other human beings.

Of course these case studies also show that the Aged Care Facilities do not care about the human rights of residents when they issue broad sweeping policies to ban visitors and detain residents. The Facilities do not haev the legal power to do what they have been doing nationally. They don’t care whether they have legal power or not. And the Commission hasn’t bothered to tell them that they can’t do what they have been doing.

This means that the Aged Care Providers have been turning their facilities into unregulated prisons. They have turned their local managers and staff into prison guards. It’s really terrible, because the poor staff of Aged Care Facilities are often real heroes, who really care. They are being forced to follow orders which they might not even agree with. But the Aged Care Providers simply don’t care if residents literally waste away, lose mobility, and deteriorate mentally, from isolation and poor treatment.

I’m shocked that Australia has allowed this. I’m shocked that Australia allows this to continue.

If you want to see my views about what is wrong from a legal point of view, please have a look at these case studies with my comments in green.

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