This former Australian Government Solicitor lawyer developed her passion for education in advising the Commonwealth government.

We now provide training in Australian administrative law, investigations, regulatory matters and decision making and writing. As a former AGS lawyer, Fiona McKenzie developed early the realisation that government sorely needed admin law training.

Who are we? – it all started with the AGS

Fiona McKenzie is the lead presenter of our training courses and seminars. Formerly a lawyer with the Australian Government Solicitor, or AGS, Fiona “cut her teeth” on work for the Commonwealth in the Federal Court, AAT and High Court. Of course, all of the admin law done by AGS Melbourne, where Fiona worked, has national implications. And it was while providing advice and representation to Commonwealth agencies that Fiona developed her passion for education in the admin law world.

Who attends from Australian governments?

Course attendees can be from government or industry. Drawing on Fiona’s AGS roots, she has trained staff from a variety of Commonwealth agencies and Departments. But State and Territories, as well as Local Government agencies, have the same admin law needs as those in the Federal or “Australian” government.

Commissions, Authorities, and other Statutory entities have been keen participants in our training. Often those organisations have less access to a developed in-house legal team. For this reason, admin law training becomes even more important for small regulatory authorities.

We have also provided training to people in private industry who exercise statutory powers. And people in industry who are regulated by statutory authorities. And, of course, we have our lawyer participants – whether they work in government, or advising government, or advising regulated entities. Lawyers are interested in refresher courses in administrative law, because it is such a specialised and complex area.

So perhaps you are an investigator in ASIC, or you are regulated by APRA, or registered with a registration board like the Architects Registration Board of Victoria. Perhaps you are a self insurer within a statutory compensation scheme. Or a licensee under Water legislation. Or a Dangerous Goods inspector.

With all of these types of roles, Admin Law is relevant to you!

Why this training?

Many people, despite the fact that their jobs are governed by administrative law principles, are not able to find suitable training to help them apply these principles. They need training which is legally sound, practical and clear, and relatively short.

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