Administrative Power and the Law

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Did you ever wish for a practical handbook on admin law?

Something you can dip into when you need an answer to a question in a hurry?

This is it. This is a concise and practical summary for those who need to look up administrative law principles without having to wade through detailed academic texts. It is designed so that one can find an answer to a ‘frequently asked question’ or scan through classic quotes from leading cases on essential topics. The book also contains flowcharts, images and examples to explain administrative law principles in an innovative way.

The book is used as the main training material for the Administrative Law Training Courses which you can book through this website.

The author, Fiona McKenzie, is a barrister at the Victorian Bar, and has been training people in government and regulatory environments, including lawyers, for many years. She has practised in administrative law for all of her career. She originally worked at the Australian Government Solicitor’s office in Melbourne, and then Blake Dawson (now Ashurst). Fiona has lectured at the University of Melbourne in the JD course. She has presented and trained in administrative law to a wide range of audiences, and has written articles in journals such as the Australian Law Journal.

Due to this book being out of print, it is only being sold in e-book form.