Aged Care Workshop – legal framework & residents’ rights to move and see visitors during Covid

This seminar covers the legal framework around attempts to restrict movement and visitors to residents of Aged Care Facilities.  What are the residents’ rights?  How can they be protected or enforced?

Advocates of Aged Care residents struggle to understand the complex legal regime around visitor access and freedom of movement.  Since Covid started, Facilities have been making up all sorts of rules, and the Regulators have been unclear at best.

What is the difference between State and Federal jurisdiction here?

How can and should “risk” be assessed and balanced?

Who gets to decide who can visit?

And is it even legal to confine a resident to their room for two weeks or more, at the Facility’s discretion?

Knowing the law is one thing, advocating for a resident is another.  What language and tools can advocates use to assert the rights of the residents?

After looking at the legal framework, we will also discuss possible legal action that can be taken.

This seminar is in two parts.  Part one analyses the legal framework and identifies rights.  Part two looks at enforcement of those rights and potential legal action.

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