Good Decision Writing Workshop

Why is it that so many decisions and reasons are vague, confusing and full of irrelevant information? Why is it so hard to explain clearly what your decision is?

In this workshop we will help you to write a better decision. Maybe even a good one. It’s only a half day.  But we will still have time to focus on some key issues and help you to practise a little bit too.

If you’d like to bring us an example from your workplace, we have the flexibility to workshop that, subject to its broader usefulness to the group. As always, we’ll answer as many of your questions as we can.

Come away from this course with a better idea of how to write a good decision in your field.

In-house training is a great way to upskill your whole team or department.

When individuals do our training courses “by themselves”, or in “mixed groups” from other organisations, they often find it hard to implement changes in their workplace because the whole team needs the training too.

But with our in-house courses, groups of 10-15 can discuss together how the new learnings might affect the way they work.  Perhaps their policies need to change.  Template documents might be incorrect.  The way they approach legislation might need a complete overhaul.

Even entrenched cultural practices start to shift when a whole team does our training together.

With our in-house training the whole team is given a solid base from which to implement new ways of thinking and working – ways that are lawful, clear, and transparent.  As confidence grows amongst team members, procedures and perceptions change, and that in turn causes confidence to grow even further.

So inquire now for our admin law in-house training for your team or department.

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