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Keys to Power

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Keeping up to date with the latest in administrative law cases can be tricky.  But knowing the current “Keys to Administrative Decision Making Power” can help you become a better administrator, manager or lawyer.

When making or analysing statutory decisions, people can find the law complex and confusing.  Following the current case law is even harder if you have a busy workload.

In this Series, Keys to Power, Fiona McKenzie demystifies the things needed to make lawful decisions in a statutory context.  These keys unlock the door to lawfulness.

But the keys are also useful to analyse when a decision has gone wrong.  

For practitioners in government, people exercising statutory powers, or people wanting to challenge government decisions, or is essential to understand the latest thinking.  But you also need to know how the keys must be used – how they need to be applied.

Fiona demystifies and clarifies, updates and offers practical insight.  5 High Court and Superior Court cases are discussed, and online quizzes help you to cement your knowledge.  A certificate of completion is also provided.

(Of course, watching these videos will also be a great way to keep up your CPD or L&D credits.)

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